One of the great benefits of being a trout fisherman is that we get to fish in some really beautiful locations. The Colorado River starts in Arizona at the base of Glen Canyon Dam and the 15 mile run to the boat ramp is called Lees Ferry; one of the most beautiful places in North America to catch wild trophy trout. Glen Canyon Dam was finished in 1963, creating Lake Powell upstream and Lees Ferry downstream. This tail water fishery has crystal clear water, breathtaking views of sandstone cliffs up to 1000 feet and water temperatures averaging 48 degrees, providing trout an outstanding environment for rapid growth and anglers an exceptional fishing experience.

Let’s go fishing!

Steve Kelly- Owner, Operator, Fish Coach
• 30+ years’ experience fishing Lees Ferry
• Fly fishing coach, fun coordinator
• Coast Guard Captain license
• AZ Guide License
• National Park License