Back Haul Services at Lees Ferry

The Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry boat ramp is 15 miles of crystal clear water, with breathtaking views of sandstone cliffs up to 1000 feet and water temperatures averaging 48-50 degrees, offering outdoor enthusiasts an outstanding and exceptional experience at the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddle boarding offer the ability to see the river at your own pace.

The river flows at rate of 2.5-4 miles/hour and the 15 miles stretch can be experienced in one day or you can camp at one of 6 campgrounds on a first-come basis. They offer toilets and fire pits and no camping fee required.

Lees Ferry is known for its wild rainbow trout which are plentiful in this beautiful setting. There are also a number of short hikes available throughout the stretch, and we can offer suggestions depending on time and fitness level.

  • For explorers that want to experience the beautiful 15 miles of the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry boat ramp, we offer a shuttle service to take you, your gear, and your kayak, canoe or stand-up paddle board up river.
  • We can take you up river as far as you would like to go, offer sightseeing and safety tips as well as historical and geographic knowledge, and the occasional bad joke.
  • Rates for the back haul/shuttle service are $75 per person with $150 minimum.
  • Additional gear rate is $50 per 100 lbs.
  • Please call for availability (48 hours is preferred): 602-510-5511


Steve Kelly- Owner, Operator, Fish Coach
• 30+ years’ experience fishing Lees Ferry
• Fly fishing coach, fun coordinator
• Coast Guard Captain license
• AZ Guide License
• National Park License